How will you be screening children and staff for COVID-19?

  1.  We are checking in the children at the door and performing a health screening which includes a temperature check with a touchless thermometer, screening questions about their general health, the family’s health and exposure to known COVID cases.
  2.  Parents/Caregivers must wear masks at drop-off and pickup and maintain stay in their cars until the previous family has been checked in.
  3.  All children and staff must wash hands thoroughly with soap (minimum of 20 seconds) upon entering the building and repeatedly through the day when changing activities such as before and after eating, and after going outside.
  4.  Send students home if they have a fever (100.4 F or higher) or flu-like symptoms.

What new policies and procedures do you have in place to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19?

Staff must wear face covering whenever they are in the building, on walks with the children and when they are on the playground. We encourage the use of face masks by students 2 years of age and older.

  1. We are teaching the children to: Cover your mouth and nose if / when sneezing or coughing. Refrain from touching your own nose, mouth and eyes. Refrain from touching each other or sharing items.
  2. Personal belongings coming to school.are minimized (i.e. no toys from home, all items must fit in their LTA tote)
  3.  Each child will have their own set of crayons/pens and markers. They will also have their own bin for books.
  4.  Visitors are not permitted in the building.

 What are your school/workplace cleaning procedures during the pandemic?


 In addition to our regular cleaning procedures which align with all current CDC guidelines

  1. We thoroughly clean all high touch surfaces, handles, shared objects (such as toys) regularly through the day, using directions printed on cleaning/disinfecting protocols to ensure proper use..
  2. We have replaced our soap bottles with automatic touchless soap dispensers as well as our touchless trash cans are placed throughout the school. 
  3. We installed UV lights in our cooling and heating system. UV lights have been proven to be very effective in killing flu viruses, getting rid of different allergy producing elements in the air as well as improving an overall air quality in the spaces installed.
  4. The playground and large spaces will be sanitized using a disinfectant fogger in between the playtime of different groups of children.

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