Infants/Early Toddlers

6 weeks – 18 months

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Nurturing Hands

Our youngest are safe and happy with our highly qualified and caring staff. Your baby deserves the clean, warm, and loving environment we provide. While in our care, your little one will be nurtured, loved, and cuddled like our own. You can completely trust us and feel confident that your child is in the best care.

Safety and Stability

We will follow the routine that your baby’s accustomed to: sleeping schedule, feeding times, diaper changing protocol, etc., and give you constant updates about their day through the Daily Connect app. You won’t miss even the slightest change in your child’s development.

Just Like Home

Research demonstrates that responding calmly and appropriately to a child’s attempts to connect result less crying or acting out over time, and is more likely to help children to develop a secure attachment. Our classes are small  so that we can provide individualized attention to each child. 


Exploring, Growing and Learning

“The evidence is clear that high quality, early childhood care is beneficial for children,” Dr. Jillian Roberts, a child psychologist and associate professor at the University of Victoria, told Global News.
Our experienced teachers get professional development training every year. Our programs include but not limited to:
  • Sensory Play
  • Music, Art, and Reading 
  • Outdoor Exploration 
  • Large motor activities for early movers

Our programs are based on the needs of the children. Everything we do is the result of a conscious decisions based on what is best for the child.

Play and Learn

Babies learn best by copying and impersonating others. Going to daycare early has a positive impact on children’s behavior in general. Having a stable and age-appropriate environment gives them an opportunity to play, observe, and explore the most. Their social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development gets an early start. 

We Are One Big Family

It’s essential for children to feel like they matter and belong. From a very early age, we try to involve our babies in all-school projects, activities, and celebrations. Our school is a home away from home, and we feel like it’s one big family. Join us to create beautiful memories together

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What Our Families are Saying


How do you keep the building secure?
  • At Learning Tree Academy, we use Viking security system which allows us to control who enters the building. Each family has its own code of access.
  • We have a comprehensive Emergency Plan tailored to our location.
  • Effective training is the key to responding properly to an emergency. We have been trained by the best.
Do you provide meals?

Not at this time, but stay tuned!

What happens if my child needs medication?

We will ask you to fill out a special medication form with all the necessary information we need to administer the medication for your child. Medications should be in their original packaging and must be prescribed to the child.

What do you do about food allergies?

We will ask you to fill out the allergy form for your child and will make any accommodations necessary to keep your baby safe with us. 

What happens if my child becomes ill at school?

Our children's wellbeing is our top priority. If your child becomes ill, has a very high fever, vomiting, has diarrhea, or is exhibiting any other symptoms of a contagious illness, you will be notified and asked to pick the child up. In cases requiring medication, we ask that the child only returns to our care after finishing medication and 24 hrs fever-free. Illnesses are dealt with on a case by case basis.